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Extraordinary Events

Foresters Equity shall not be liable for loss caused, directly or indirectly, by government restrictions, exchange or market rulings, suspension of trading, war, strikes or other conditions beyond Foresters Equity’s control. Foresters Equity is committed to providing our clients with secure and continuous access to their investments in a variety of adverse business environments using a corporate Business Contingency Plan (BCP). In the event of a local area business related disruption, Foresters Equity maintains offsite hardware, software, and data storage capabilities as well as alternative office capabilities which will allow us to resume the processing of business within one business day. In the event of a major catastrophe effecting the southwestern United States, Foresters Equity maintains alternative hardware, software, and office resources in Toronto, Canada which will allow us to resume business processing within three business days. It is our expectation that during this catastrophic outage, our clients will be able to contact the investment companies holding their investments directly.