Important Notice to Our Customers

To our loyal Customers:

The Independent Order of Foresters (“IOF”), the parent company of Foresters Equity Services, Inc. (“FESCO”), has decided to cease operations at FESCO and close the company.

This decision does not affect the value of your account.

It is anticipated this process will take several months to complete, after which FESCO will no longer have any Representatives or provide services to any accounts. Therefore, we wanted to communicate this to you now so that you can begin making arrangements to transfer your account(s) to another financial services provider. Thus, it is imperative that you contact your Representative or FESCO’s home office at 1-800-350-9885 for information and guidance on the steps necessary for your account. Your Representative may also be contacting you regarding this matter.

The following information is provided as guidance on the closing of FESCO and the future servicing of your account(s). If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your Representative or FESCO’s home office.

When is this happening?

What do I need to do to ensure the seamless transfer of my accounts and services?

What happens if I don’t do anything?

If you fail to take any action with regard to closing or moving your account to another financial services provider before FESCO closes on or about October 31, FESCO will be removed as the firm servicing the account and will no longer be able to assist you. So, please give serious consideration to where you would like your account transferred and contact your Representative or our home office at your earliest convenience for assistance.

Whom can I call if I have questions?

Call your Representative or this toll free number (800-350-9885) to speak with a FESCO customer service representative. FESCO will continue to handle customer calls until November 30, 2018. After that date, calls must be placed to the fund or funds or insurance company where your money is invested.

Please note that this announcement applies exclusively to Foresters Equity Services (FESCO) and does NOT have any impact on IOF or its other affiliated entities, including, but not limited to, Foresters Financial Services, Inc. (“FFS”), a registered broker-dealer based in New York.